Sunday, February 15, 2015

The good life, continued...

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I am currently in a Case Conceptualization class in my Mental Health Counseling program, which requires us to learn about the different schools of thought. I am a fan of Carl Rogers and his person-centered approach. It doesn’t involve a lot of tools and it is based on authenticity and the belief in human goodness. In this theory it is not about the counselor agreeing with the client because this is not recommended but it is more about the counselor playing a role in the experience of the client; in the sidelines but offering empowering questioning (in a sense more navigational subtle guidance) that enables self-discovery. The premise acknowledges that life comes with problems and sometimes people do make bad choices but through nonjudgmental support and a nurturing environment we can come to accept accountability and learn from our mistakes.  A lot of the discussion focuses on what is right in a person’s life to help reframe a negative mindset to a more positive one in order to manifest a trend of health or the good life.

I love the quote I used by Carl in the article, the good life isn’t a destination, it is a process or trending realm instead of what we most think about it being, more of a destination.

Are you living the good life? Can you answer the questions posed in the article? What are your thoughts about Person-centered therapy? Does it sound like something you think might be helpful to you? I’m curious!

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