Saturday, February 7, 2015

Soothe with reflexology

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I love the concept of reflexology because it is something you can do on the go or at work, it can be done without the help of another person and it is not complicated. I am going to try to start doing this a few times a week to see if this technique will make me feel healthier. It certainly doesn’t hurt to massage my own hands and if it can make me feel less achy, why not try it?

I DVR Dr. Oz everyday and then I eventually watch his shows more timely to my schedule while I’m working on homework, cleaning etc.

Today I awoke after a restless night’s sleep with what feels like a knot in the crease of my left shoulder blade towards the center of my back. I must have slept on it funny. This article is timely for me. I have a busy day at my internship but, for sure, I will be working my hands in an effort to gain relief.

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