Sunday, February 1, 2015

Messages of light, continued...

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I once read that there are 4 times more negative words than positive words in the English language; this is a really sad thought. Why is it so easy to think or be negative or even expect others to be negative? Probably because many of the messages that surround us are negative. It seems like we must first brave our way into this negativity or darkness, with a mindset of acceptance in order to arm ourselves with our persevering spirit, a trust that we can handle whatever it is we have to in order to overcome. This kind of positive thinking will trump anything.

I know for sure that beneath any darkness there is light and it will eventually breakdown anything that stands in its way and shine through.

Here are some quotes on light, from, to get you to think more positively:

I absolutely love these quotes!

Are you trying to find your way through darkness? If so, reach out for help; someone can help light your way!

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