Monday, February 9, 2015

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I think we all fall into moments when we lack confidence and, in this low we beat ourselves up. It is really easy to jump onto a negative bandwagon. It takes more effort to be healthy, and to talk nicely; self-talk is the ultimate gauge of self-worth. Although we may fall, at times, into a darkness that tries to take us over, we can still push ourselves to persevere through it. The more we triumph, the more we feel a comfort level with self-love.

On a recent Super Soul Sunday, Author Richard Rohr talks about how hard it is to hold onto joy and how easy it is to continue to victimize, even ourselves, by holding onto resentment.

Really, we must work to live in the here and now and when we can find our way to the present moment, without all of our baggage (judgments from the ego), we have found our place in the world, which is the essence of healthy living.    

I am dwelling within this healthy living world more times than not and when I'm there, it feels magnificent. Where are you dwelling? 

If your world is full of negativity you have the power to step out of it and renew your inner beliefs in order to emit light and positivity because change truly starts within. Rescript is a fundamental start!

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