Monday, February 2, 2015

In a crisis, continued...

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I work on a crisis line for my internship and I have volunteered on this line for many years previous to my internship starting and I think one of the things most wanted by callers is validation. It is the same thing Oprah said she discovered about her guests on her talk show over the years. People want to be heard; they want to feel important to someone. Attentively listening without judgment is major in helping a person in distress. This is a wonderful quality to have in a friend. Someone who allows us to be human and to vent when needed helps tremendously in enabling us to process what is going on in our lives without having to worry about this person looking down their nose at us or spreading our business around.

I’ve numbered the support suggestions on, hopefully they will help:

1        Make contact
2     Listen to the story
3     Be there emotionally
4     You probably don’t know how your friend feels
5     Don’t push
6     Help make decisions
7     Offer practical help...
8     Bring food
9     Know that emotion comes in waves
10          Let your friend cry
11          Be a buddy
12          Be aware of your triggers
13          Get professional help on board
14          Rally support
15          You will get through this
16          Be patient
17          Encourage basic functioning
18          Know that nighttime is often the hardest time
19          Don’t support drinking too much or other reckless behavior
20         Take care of yourself…

21          Check in over time…” 

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