Saturday, February 14, 2015

Describe your heart, continued...

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I mentioned, in my article, a bit of my own journey of love and the suffering and triumphs I have made my way through. I am happy today and content with first me and then secondly, my relationship. This is the biggest or most critical element to, what I believe to be the success of love; it’s the fact that you are happy with you first because another human-being can’t fix the issues with self. In love relationships, we can’t fix others; we can only engage others in healthy ways and we do this by focusing healing efforts on ourselves. When we are healthy we can control our healthy interface, identify with it and energize it.

Yes, I still have not so happy moments with my partner but this is because of our individualities. We have clashing moments but these are far and few between. It is par for the course of love. If we can’t feel free to express ourselves and be ourselves within a partnership we are not in a healthy relationship.

Self-expression is needed in order for each of us to live an authentic life. Partnership shouldn’t smother this but instead is should help open paths and encourage it to flow freely.

I would love to hear your comments about health and love. What is a healthy relationship to you? Are you in love currently? Tell me about it.

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