Monday, February 2, 2015

Blemished perfectly, continued...

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When I looked up stained glass detail on-line, I love the fact that churches used these windows to tell the story of the bible visually for those who could not read. These vividly colored depictions really grab our attention and then when the sun shines through, it makes the reflection seem almost magical as it casts the colors across the church inside.

In my article I use stained glass as a simile for life. Think of how we reflect upon life, how our beliefs and perceptions make us and whether we embrace who we are by being comfortable in our skin or if we deny our story and how this affects our wellbeing. When we live our story, we embrace our beauty for all that it is meant to be. We learn from our pasts and we allow our lessons to take hold and help us shape a future full of purposeful living. We are, in essence, beautifully blemished. This is what it is to be human; I stand proud knowing all of this. I accept me for who I am and for where I’ve come from and for all of the things that I’ve encountered and overcome.  Do you accept you in all of your blemished glory? I want you to stand proud too!

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