Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wise people, continued...

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How do we know what life is trying to teach us? We know based on our experiences. Currently I am learning that my journey may be more powerful than the destination. I’m also learning patience. I’ve been humbled by my young adult children and amazed when I think about the miracles I have witnessed and how most of the time these miracles occurred while I was deep in the heart of my hardship. But, so long as I paid attention, I was able to learn and put the hardship behind me. If we don’t learn the lesson, the experience/hardship will manifest time and time again as a dysfunctional pattern. Wise people pick up on this stuff.

I think the biggest difference between a wise person and someone with a lot of knowledge is the wise person his or her intuition as a navigational tool. The more intuitive the person, the more wise!

Click here if you’d like to learn to be wiser. This article offers 7 suggestions:

In summary the article says that wise people are experienced, sponge their surroundings, see what is in front of them, grow from hardship, have strong supports, they meditate and they are tolerant.

What are your thoughts?

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