Friday, January 30, 2015

What If's, continued...

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When I read the quote from Gary Zukaf about responsible choices, which I cited in my article, it did make me stop and think about my life. Over the past several years I have made a number of responsible choices and because of this my life has been transitioning into a great direction. I am making progress and this progress feels wonderful.

I feel psychologically healthy although I do still worry. But, the difference today is that my worry has less impact because I am taking my power back from it. It used to hold on and drain me; today when it steps in, I recognize it and I push it back out. It is through my self-awareness that I am empowered to see that these unhealthy thoughts and triggers cause unwelcomed stress.

I used to believe I couldn’t stop the wheel of anxiety that spun in my head but I was wrong. When I realized that much of the stuff I was worrying about was really out of my control and that the anxiety itself only causes toxin and eventual illness, I decided it was time to take my power back.

I’m hopeful that this article speaks to the worry warriors out and that it entices all of you to second guess the worry instead of second guessing your opportunities. Energize all that is positive and this, in itself, will cause the anxiety to dissipate!

What are your worries, I will help you break them down and support you in getting your power back. Drop me a note and let’s talk about it.

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