Sunday, January 11, 2015

Feelings energize and expand, continued...

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If you get stuck, dwell and feed the darkness, you will manifest more of the same unwanted hardship. You must surrender to your circumstances in order to process and release them. For example, move out of the disbelief state and accept whatever is happening. When my father died, I didn’t want to face a world without him; I was devastated by the loss and dwelled within this darkness feeding it. It wasn’t until I was able to say to myself, if I could choose for him to be physically back on this earth I would but I know this isn’t an option. I must face the reality of my world, which does not include his physical existence. And, instead of focusing on the loss of this physical connection, I was able to focus on the time we had and cherish such good memories. This shift of mindset lit the darkness and enabled the negativity to dissipate and instead energize positivity into my life again. Today, unblocked, I am able to feel a spiritual connection with my dad. I believe he is still with me in a different capacity now. offers this about releasing blocks,
“‘In our journey of consciousness, we must clear the planes in ascending order: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual’ ~ John Ruskan
The clearing process begins with awareness, honesty, and openness. 
It dispels the toxic emotions responsible for emotional blocks and alleviates unhealthy stress levels. It increases awareness of what you are experiencing and creates space allowing you to choose how you want to act/react to situations. This process allows you to: become mindful of your thoughts and feelings, gaining power over them; free yourself to pursue what you truly desire in life; work toward your highest potential and become the person you want to be. 
The process is complete when we reach a state of acceptance, forgiveness, willingness to release and make peace with the past and ourselves (stop identifying with it). 
Clearing emotional blocks involves work on all aspects of our being:
    Body - deep relaxation through breath;
    Mind (conscious/intellect) - through awareness;
    Emotion (subconscious/feelings) - through acceptance;
    Behaviour (unconscious/automatic response) - through experiencing a shift and
    Spiritual (transformation) - through observing and witnessing the effects of the learning in our life”

Are you blocking something from surfacing because you don’t want to deal with it? If you are, I’m guessing you’re not feeling healthy. It is time to face the hardship and take your power back, it’s the only way to persevere!

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