Sunday, December 28, 2014

The evolution of you, continued

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I believe the pencil is quite a remarkable invention. This slender little utensil holds, within its power the potential to change anything for the better. It inspires creation and, if you follow my column, I believe the power of creation to be the ultimate gift; it is Godlike.

I share the exercise in the article in hopes to challenge you to prioritize you in your own world; many times we sacrifice self and this leads to lack of health, exhaustion and, overall sadness. My list of requests forces you to be kind to you; it gifts forgiveness, inspiration, creativity, self-love, and improvement. If taken seriously, this little task can kick start a more appreciative you as you move into the New Year.

Allow 2015 to surface the best of what is yet to come for you and this starts with a genuine appreciation for self!

Happy New Year!

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