Sunday, December 21, 2014

Set an intention, continued...

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I used to believe that I had to push like crazy and control each and every aspect of my life (mostly those things that at the time I had no idea I couldn’t control). This mindset, although I was motivated, was not the most healthy plan of action for me in order to make progress. I feel there are 3 major aspects key to setting an intention and successfully manifesting it.

What have I learned as I am getting older?

First, I realize that the universe will take care of placing my missing puzzle pieces and I must trust this to be true. My faith carries me once I’ve put my all into something, at this point I must surrender, which really means I am passing the baton to God.

Next, I realize that the things that are out of my control will always be part of my world, and although I can’t control them, I can control my response. The old way was to react and eventually figure it out but as I’ve matured, I realize that taking time to just be with a challenge offers clarity and this clarity is necessary in order for me to strategize a healthy path. 

Finally, I understand that I must face the diversity in my life and while I am in the midst of it, I have to allow myself to feel in order to free the energy. Yes, processing the experience is essential otherwise you will be blocked by the drama, it will revive itself in unhealthy holds that continually sidestep and distract.

It is quite simple but I have to admit, these three concepts take practice to really comprehend and set into action.

What are your thoughts about intention? Leave me a note, I’m interested.

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