Saturday, December 6, 2014

Problems, continued...

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The website offers this list of Cognitive Distortions:
“All Or Nothing Thinking, Over Generalization [your life is over kind of mentality], Mental Filter [focusing on 1 negative aspect only], Disqualifying the Positive, Jumping to Conclusions Mind Reading [assumptions about others that may be false], The Fortuneteller Error [assuming that the outcome is always bad], Magnification/Minimization, Emotional Reasoning (I feel it therefor it must be true), Should Statements [living with regrets, I should of or could of state of mind], [and] Judging.”

It is important when you face the challenges in your life in order to start on an equal playing field and this is not happening if your beliefs/practices are self-sabotaging because of cognitive distortions.

When we are in the midst of emotions it can be easy to associate one event with another, many times it is what children do when parents get divorced. It doesn’t matter if they’ve heard their parents argue daily, once the marriage splits, the kids will many times blame themselves. “If I could have been a perfect child, mom and dad would have stayed together; it’s all my fault.” This is an example of a cognitive distortion.

We have to challenge our thoughts and emotions in order to check their validity otherwise we will live life miserably if we allow the critical voice in our heads to run the show!

What are your thoughts about problems solving? Do you have any tips you can share?

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