Saturday, December 27, 2014

Overall human kindness

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Our world doesn't have to feel barren of love; make a difference and be compassionate to others!

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As we sat at a seafood restaurant yesterday eating shrimp, I remembered this little tidbit of knowledge about their reproductive system and how certain families can actually change from a one sex to another over their lifespan. It is a miraculous concept and although I have not done any real research about shrimp, based on my experience as a mother, I can only imagine the bonds and strengths that manifest from both fathering and mothering a baby through such sex change processes as that of this shrimp family. If you're stumbling on this blog without reading the article, it is worthwhile to click on the Examiner article link above.

I wonder what this type of community would feel like as I discuss in the article. I do see a lot of struggle and suffering in my counseling field today and this heartache comes from an individual who usually doesn’t feel validated; much of these clients are lost and do not see a way out. Of course not all come from broken homes but the majority do. I really do believe by raising a child in a positive environment, one that is founded with love, the majority of the time, even if the child strays in his or her lifetime, this foundation with support a choice of a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, we live in a world that is threaded by compassion and held together with the bond of human kindness but it has many holes. We all need to continue to work together to fill in these gaps by spreading compassion to those who’ve not interfaced with it before. It can be a difficult task but I believe it is a worthwhile one!

What are your thoughts?

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