Sunday, December 14, 2014

In the sidelines of trauma, continued...

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It is amazing to me that this book, drunken angel, that I put down a number of times early in my reading because of the horror described within its pages, eventually I wished it would have continued well beyond the 400 plus pages as Alan Kaufman’s darkness lightened. As soon as he went to his first AA meeting I was breathing easier and I was hopeful he would gain some footing and finally begin to breathe the breath of sanity as a feeling human being.

Alan fought in the Israeli army as a young adult and during this time he was exposed to more trauma causing him to suffer PTSD. His writing is so full of life it is easy to lose oneself within the pages. From lust to love, from homelessness to wealth and fame, with war in between, Alan Kaufman shares the many lows and the highs of such a bizarre but miraculous life. His memoir is testimony of the hells of addiction and the miracles of recovery. Alan has made his mark on the world sharing a legacy in his written work that anyone would be lucky to read. I encourage you to pick up a copy of drunken angel and get ready for a ride of a lifetime as you make your way through its pages!

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