Sunday, December 21, 2014

Free local holiday excursions, continued...

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As a person who grew up in an economically poor household, I was not really privy to many holiday excursions. But, as a young parent without much money, I did appreciate the free festivities I could bring my children to during the holiday season. I especially enjoyed driving through the light displays of many decked out city parks and areas. We loved, for example the Nativity scenes and displays that Domino Farms used to offer. In my research for tonight’s article I was happy to find that Metro Parent has been diligent in offering local schedules. I’ve linked to many of them in my article. The below link shares a lists both past and current light displays in Southeastern Michigan just in case your interested in this experience with your family. 

Make cups of hot chocolate and load into the car with your loved ones and enjoy the light displays.

It is important to add a tradition to your holiday schedule, something relaxing, free and enjoyable fits the bill just fine.

Give it a shot and let me know if it was a hit or a bust.


By the way I did stumble on a contest in Ann Arbor that you can enter for free until 12/31/14 and potentially win a hotel stay and meal with one of Ann Arbor’s top chefs. If you’re interested, click on the below link to enter!

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