Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas miracles, continued...

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Something I cherish year around is the fact that I am able to write inspirational articles as often as I like and then send them out into the universe for others to discover. This task alone helps to keep me on a positive track. Why, because instead of focusing on negatives, I must work to find inspiration in everyday life and then share it. After several years it isn’t easy because I need to find new topics to write about and offer. Yes, I am human and I certainly have days when I am feeling low but I truly work to persevere and to find the silver linings in these packages. I believe all of our experiences, whether troubled or not, are gifts so long as we learn from them.

The bad stuff helps us grow and transform while the good stuff gifts bliss to offset, soothe and heal.

Although Christmas time is about love and family, this can easily get lost in family drama. If you have people who are not coming to the festivities, don’t take it personal, perhaps they are stuck in a rut and they need some light and love sent to them. If you have loved ones who come to fight, don’t engage the energy and it will just fizzle away much like the old year. And, for those who come festive, feel and energize their love! This, my friend, is what the season is all about.

Embrace your miracles; Merry Christmas!

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