Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas list, continued

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I care about those who surround me and when someone in my circle is struggling, I hurt too. I’m sure you are the same way; we do not like to see others suffering. But, considering this, how much effort or help do we offer to strangers in similar situations? We are all connected in some way. And, in the spirit of Christmas, I am asking you and, of course, myself too, to look deeply within in order to feel this connection and to extend a helping hand to others.

Thank goodness for the humanitarian efforts from those who spread kindness in our world. Rich or poor, I believe any act of giving, whether it be a lot of money or time or just a little of either, it all makes a difference. It really does all add up. Busy or not, because I believe we are all busy, we can make a positive difference. Have you ever been in a bad mood and then interfaced with someone who shared a smile and pleasantries and this, in turn, improved your mood? Gifting encouragement can help an individual who is in need gather the strength he or she needs to overcome.

Whatever you can do in ways of kindness this holiday season, please offer it up. Someone is struggling worse than you and by offering help, you will set love in motion and, I believe, this warmth will gift back to you 100 fold.

Are you willing to spread kindness?

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