Thursday, December 25, 2014

Chant to overcome, continued...

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I love the information shared about the vibration of OM fromMandy Burstein’s article. I have often said that we are able to tap into a universal power and just by chanting OM we can flow with such a vibration. Doesn’t this thought alone gift serenity? When I meditate I believe I can feel a natural calmness and when I utilize the power of a mantra such as OM, it offers more of this type of celestial gift.

It may seem silly to you but if you think of it as humming or singing and this is something you like to do, you are already benefiting from this experience.

I like the visualization of closing the 2014 drafty window as I offered in the article. If you’re losing energy from an open window in the winter, it isn’t to your benefit. You’re essentially stopping the bleeding by shutting the window. But, after you close the window or stop the bleeding, you must next strategically open and step through the door of opportunity in 2015.

While you are considering all of this, think of special words that invite a positive and healthy New Year for you. I personally like, “I trust that the abundance of the universe will empower me with all that I need to engage my soulwork and offer my best self forward!” And, of course, I mustn’t forget ending my chant with the precious mantra, “OM!”

What do you wish to manifest in 2015? It is important to give this some thought to this and share your vision with the universe.

Merry Christmas, my friend, and have a Happy New Year! 

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