Monday, December 8, 2014

Addicted to the cure, continued...

Photo of Alesandra provided by Alesandra c/o her website.

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Alesandra Rain continued the interview.

She talked about her spirituality, “I was 'spiritual' prior to this experience but my connection to God was weak. I finally realized that I believed in the devil but not in God and this insight brought me back to my Christian faith where now I finally have peace, a sense of belonging and my mission.

There is no doubt God had a plan for me... he provided the means and courage to escape my addiction but also brought the most amazing team of people that I work with today. I am blessed to have a dedicated, kind and brilliant group helping people all over the world. We have three medical advisors who also have their stories of dependence, extreme physical challenges and subsequent healing. This page gives more info on my Executive Team:

Her world today, “I am a Drug Expert for Fox National News, The O'Reilly Factor, Geraldo at Large, CNN, ABC and Huffington Post. I've given hundreds of radio shows, print and magazine interviews and I often appear on television, particularly relating to a Celebrity death to drugs. Many interviews can be seen at this link:  I am also an author. I have written Deeds of Trust (now out of print) and my newest book is called, Take As Directed that hopefully will be released soon.”

Alesandra’s advice for others, “Believe you can be more than what addiction has brought to your life... be willing to take the steps to escape and always give back. It’s thru helping another that we truly heal.

I am a culmination of mistakes and poor choices that led to an incredibly fulfilling mission. Adversity can shape our life in a way we never dreamed possible!”

You may contact her through her website, “ or toll free 866.605.2333.”

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