Saturday, November 22, 2014

Validation of others, continued...

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When I think back to my childhood, I believe that, although my parents loved me, I did not feel validated. My parents did the best they could but my father was an alcoholic and, considering this, I grew up in an unhealthy environment. I never really found my voice as a child. And, because of this, I most certainly did not feel validated. As a young adult I became loud and aggressive; I was overcompensating as a result of my childhood. It took me many years as an adult to understand this, process my feelings surrounding it and gain balance.

I have learned as a parent there are many decisions my young adult children make that I do not care for but I try my best, regardless, to show them support by attentively listening; this is necessary. I want them to feel validated. It is extremely important they feel they are valued and they truly do hold a big value in my life!

Are you feeling validation? Are you validating others? Let’s talk about it!

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