Thursday, November 13, 2014

United as one, continued...

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It is difficult to think about the cruelty and suffering in our world but does ignoring it really help? Sure, it might be a way of coping but doesn’t it seem a bit self-centered and immature? Do you really believe that if you do not know the person suffering, it doesn’t touch you?

As I have become more unified as an individual, my realization of the greater whole, a universal entity that lives within the human spirit, has been energized. The stranger on the corner bagging for money is a symptom of displacement and suffering in this entity. When I reach to my community in efforts to strengthen it, I reach to these individuals. And, with my prayers I soothe this suffering. I am unable to ignore it. I see this pain within the community jail and prison. I see this pain in the local shelter and hospital. I see this pain in the eyes of young people and in our elderly. I see this pain reflective, at times, when I look into the mirror and my heart aches.

But, I believe we can light this darkness one individual at a time through prayer, donations, empathy and love. We can tuck our egos away and leave our judgment home and help to strengthen our communities. Even if we are struggling with finances, we can volunteer time.

How are you helping you? How are you helping others? If you come from a place of love when you interface with the world, you, my friend, are spreading light!

Remember, we are all in this together!

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