Friday, November 21, 2014

State of confusion, continued...

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Do you feel confused often? It seems like I used to experience this quite a bit as a young adult but as I age I’m finding myself to feel more sound. I attribute this to the fact that I do pay more attention to my intuitive self and I give less credit or focus to the nagging voice within my head or what I’ve learned to be my ego.

Yes, I too believe we have a spiritual voice of intuition and a negative voice most often reflective of ego similar to the article/website I referenced in my Examiner article. Sometimes ego can be a positive if it pushes us and motivates us to move forward in a competitive way but this is less of a norm at least for me.

We can be our own worst-critic and the negative self-talk in our heads only adds to our confusion about life choices. Energize this self-talk with fear and/or stress and clarity only gets buried deeper within. It really is a no-win situation for self.

But, if you look at confusion as a sign from above and you nip it before it gets fully energized, it can be used as a tool to stay on track and be within your purposeful living intention. When you feel it, stop, quiet the mind, and go within to gain clarity.

What are your thoughts about it? Drop me a note.

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