Sunday, November 30, 2014

Eating personality, continued...

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After I answered the three questions, I found myself to be rated as a Habitual Eater with mostly C responses. Although, I must add that there are times in life when I turn to food from sadness but this isn’t the norm for me. Also, I do love to push myself to try new food or the local cuisine when I’m traveling and/or just trying a new restaurant. So, my point here is that it is likely most of us all overlap into the other categories.

Being a Habitual Eater, for example, I do eat oatmeal most every morning although sometimes I add blueberries, other times bananas and/or walnuts and other fruits or even peanut butter to change it up. Lunch for me is usually a left over from a recent dinner and dinner depends on whether I’m running off to school, at my internship site or home. When I’m home I try to cook healthy. When I’m on the run I still try to pack to keep me on a health track but, I must admit, this is a bit more difficult.

I know I’m crossing into another category by saying this but I do like the idea of eating more smaller meals than larger ones and more often, after seeing the Dr. Oz show about eating personalities, I will try to be more conscientious of the colors that end up on my plate. I don’t think I eat to unhealthy but I can always improve my diet. I’m on a mission to feel healthier and lose the extra weight that I’ve gained back over the last year. I seem to keep finding this weight and unconsciously welcoming it back, ugh! It is frustrating but I’ll get there; I have hope.

What are your thoughts about diet and weight? Do you have tips you can share? Let’s get a discussion going.

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