Monday, November 10, 2014

A visual journal, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC drawing

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It is easy to create a visual journal; all you need is a notebook or sketchpad and drawing materials. You can use any art media that feels right to you, pencils, colored or not, markers, crayons, paints etc. You can trace objects like your hands or cut out a symbol and paste it onto the page and then draw around it.

Doctor and Board Certified Art Therapist, Cathy Malchiodi described many types of visual journals: “Feelings Journal, Spontaneous Imagery (…most often it refers to creating a scribble or free-form lines and looking for images within those lines.), Non-Dominant Hand Drawings (…draw with your non-dominant hand over time and see what emerges), Working within a Circle (…Mandala Journal), Dream Journal, Photocollage Journal [vision board collages], Doodle Diary (…Doodling with felt markers… is not only fun, but also has been shown to actually improve memory in some cases.), Intention Journal (…for example, a gratitude practice or a goal to become healthier in the next year), Altered Book (Any book can be used as a visual journal; you can use the words and images in the book as part of your journaling or draw/paint/collage over text.) and Create Your Own Approach.

Her recommendations, “Just Relax…, Record the Date…, Don’t Go it Alone…, [and remember] Safety First.

Let’s get started!

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