Monday, October 20, 2014

Mind, body and spiritual upkeep, continued...

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What is your self-care routine? I have increased my significantly since I’ve entered my forties. I have embraced flossing daily, double brushing, daily vitamins, lots of water, more helpings of fruit and vegies, less red meat, and more prayer and mediation. I have noticed, although I try to stay active daily, my exercise routine comes and goes. For example, I didn’t go to the gym this weekend but I did work hard in the yard cutting down dead flowers and getting it ready for winter. I’ll be very sore tomorrow and, this is my way of knowing, my activity is working me out just fine, at least for now!

I exfoliate and give myself facials at least once a month. I get massages when I can afford it and I read a lot. I’m in a Master’s program so I have absorbed many textbooks over the past 2 years. I continue to challenge myself through new endeavors and I am creative often. I love writing, drawing, cooking, problem-solving and serving others in creative ways.

I have tried many types of holistic healing processes and I will continue to engage in this world. It is sincerely intriguing to me.

I have a lot of short-term and long-term goals such as, finishing my masters in counseling and then serving others in this role. I want to finish writing my second book as it has been taking me far too long. I will marry my fiancé in the near future, and continue to travel when we can. I hope to get accepted into a doctorate program and obtain a doctorate in Art Therapy. Eventually, I want to open a clinic in southeastern Michigan.

As a woman, I serve many roles and while I do live in the present, I am keeping my eye on the horizon. And, with all of this on my plate, it is important that self-care is a priority in my routine.

What are you doing to better you as you grow older? What is your self-care routine?

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