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Life with autism, continued...

Picture of John provided by Pamela Bryson-Weaver

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Pamela Bryson-Weaver continued the interview.

She talked about how she is able to use her journey to offer help to others.

Pamela explained, “Since children with special needs are close to my heart, I became an author, speaker and activist for these children. I spent my entire professional career working with clients who had special needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorders. As past president of the Autism Society in New Brunswick, Canada, my activism has allowed me to work with members of Parliament and other parents. Because of our combined efforts, all children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in New Brunswick, Canada, receive $20,000 a year for treatment. I served as the Director of Pee Wee Active Living, formally Junior Special Olympics, a program I began in Hanwell. I also produced and promoted—through Canada’s largest woman’s’ league—a resolution on autism that was presented locally, provincially, and nationally, and was passed nationally in Canada in 2004.”

Pamela’s experience is valuable to others.

She shared, “My experience as a mother, wife and professional in the autism world helped me gain valuable insights into these mysterious disorders. I journaled for twelve years, writing about my journey as a parent of special needs, mostly focusing on my struggles with autism and what I was feeling. I learned many strategies that worked for my son and discovered many blessings along the way as well. One of these blessing is how I was able to help others because of these hardships. My journal developed into a book, Living autism Daily reflections and Strategies to Give You Hope and Courage. I wrote the book I wished someone would have handed me as advice when my youngest son was diagnosed with autism over 14 years ago. My book is one I wished I had had to give to my parents, my friends, family members, as well as professionals.”

She discussed her writings, “My book, Living autism Daily reflections and Strategies to Give You Hope and Courage is meant to inspire and help families dealing with this very difficult disorder. From a parent’s perspective Living autism is an indispensable, comforting reference book, full of insights. It is a must-have easily-digestible, inspirational guide book for parents, caregivers, family members and friends who do not understand the whole world of autism spectrum disorders yet suddenly find it a huge part of their life. Learn more about the book at my website: I developed the web site so that parents can save time and money when searching for trusted autism service providers. It also lets parents and others share and rate their experiences – all for FREE.”

God is in Pamela’s world.

She elaborated, “It was many months before I found a way to deal with the impact of the diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder that my son received. I came to realize that autism is not something my child has. My child is not somehow trapped inside an invisible force field or wall of autism. I came to realize that autism is a way of being; an extraordinary way of being that influences every experience, sensation, emotion, feeling, thought, and perception of my child’s life. Autism has forever changed my life as well. I only had to decide that I was willing in my heart to accept what made my child unique, beautiful, and exceptional—like all other children. I came to feel I was given a gift, a masterpiece. My child was a blessing from God. And I began to truly live autism day-by-day. 

Hence, my remarkable, sometimes mind-boggling roller-coaster journey with autism began along with the many extraordinary miracles I have witnessed. Every day I journaled my feelings and reflected on them. I was always able to find a way to feel blessed. These daily blessings offered reassurance as I struggled with God’s design for my life. Slowly, my heart opened and I began to smile again. I began to experience comfort and joy once again in my family and in my daily life. I began a wonderful journey of soul-searching and exploration. I started to see differently. I engaged with myself, my family, my child and life differently. I was becoming much more patient, kind and loving. Always being driven to accept only 100 percent from myself and others, I had to give that up. I began to experience acceptance and even gratefulness for exactly who my son is. This experience of living with autism daily ultimately enriched my sense of life’s meaning, and a realization that truly there are real angels among us on this earth."

Pamela's advice to others, "For many years, families have struggled to support and care for their children with autism spectrum disorders, often primarily on their own and without continued support or the proper backup of integrated services. There is now a great deal more awareness of the difficulties of autism spectrum disorder and recognition of the importance of early diagnosis and integrated services. Local governments, communities and the voluntary sectors need to ensure that families with a family member who develops an ASD have the backing they need now and in future. Also I know that as a parent with a child that has autism, you give all you can for your child’s wellbeing but often forget or don’t have enough time or money to give to yourself what you need to succeed. Please remember to take care of yourself as well. This will benefit your family, your child with autism and yourself.”
Her closing words, “My prayer for you is that you take a few minutes every day of the year to enjoy a daily reflection on your life, and just for that day, take some small action. As you do, relax, breathe, and trust the journey. My hope is that you share my book, and that this book and my website will help many others as well. Please share this book with your family, friends, your children’s teachers, therapists, and doctors.

Many Blessings, Pamela Bryson-Weaver”

Pamela’s contact information:
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