Saturday, October 18, 2014

It takes courage, continued...

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It amazes me when I look back over the past 15 years of my life. I would have sincerely been traumatized by the outlook had I saw what I was about to endure even considering all of the positives I have experienced. The moments of distress have reached the darkest depths; it has been cold and heavy. There were times when I felt I was suffocating and I had to feel my way through to, what seemed like at the time, just small bubbles of oxygen in an ocean that was slowly swallowing me. But, somehow, someway, I fought, I struggled, and I surfaced. Each time I surfaced; a buoy was thrown to me, perhaps by God and, for this, I am grateful.

If you told me 15 years ago I would step out of the life of a purchasing executive and into a world where I spend time with hospice patients; precious moments with veterans who have served our country and are now taking their final breath, or that I would be facilitating support groups in the jail or the prison helping survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault overcome horrific trauma they are suffering, I would have said you are crazy; I am not capable of such a vision. But, the truth is, I am leading this life today and these little give back’s are the triumphs, the mountain high’s I speak of in the article. Had I not fallen in such valleys of lows, I do not think I would have gained the strength to carry this torch to help others suffering. Even these triumphs would have scared me. My life has ramped up to this. I cannot change my past or the past of others, this history of pain must be felt in order to overcome.  But, I can help soothe the present moment for me and perhaps for others too. This effort will help each person I touch shape a healthier future; be this physical or spiritual.

What are your thoughts about your last 15 years? Could you even imagined what you have been through? Leave me a note. I'm curious.

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