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Heightened life appreciation, continued...

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Andy LaPointe continued the interview.

“As Jen talked with our kids, I remember standing on the corner of 45th and Broadway looking around at the thousands of people enjoying the warm spring night in Time Square. What I remember the most while I stood on that corner was a five to six foot pile of black garbage bags stacked on West 45th. What I didn't notice was the SUV parked right next to the pile of trash. We were literally 30 feet away from the SUV packed full of explosives set to go off at 6:30 PM EST.

After Jen hung up the phone with the kids, we began to walk north on Broadway toward 7th and it was then we started to hear the approach of oncoming sirens. As the sirens increased in both volume and number, we realized something has happened in the immediate area.

However, we were still unaware of the potential magnitude of the event. As the sirens approached, I took a video of the first response units arriving on the scene at approximately 6:35 PM EST. We are standing on the corner of Broadway and 7th, a block or so north of 45th and Broadway.

Fortunately, nothing happened that night but that experience taught both my wife and I not to take anything for granted!”

The close call helped he and his wife to focus more purposefully on the following:

“- Building strong relations and spending more time with our children.
- Building strong relations and spending more time with our extended family.
- Enjoying and truly appreciating every minute life gives to us.
- Focusing on growing our business to help to improve our customers experience and enjoyment of life.”

Andy talked about how this shaped him spiritually, “The experience has helped me to realize how short life really is and how to thoroughly enjoy every moment of the day. Also, it taught me to take nothing or no one for granted. In addition, I now have a better understanding how to live life. Since that day my focus has changed from being competitive to creating. You see, when you're in a competitive mindset you believe you must defeat someone or something. When you refocus your mind to a creating state of mind you have the best interest of others in minds. The end result of a creative mindset is how will your "creation" further enhances the life of others.

Everything happens for a reason, however the reason may not be immediately obvious. As I look back, this event was needed in my life to allow me to advance my mind and outline on life from the competitive to the creative mindset.”

Andy shared, “A higher power is in everything. It's something that can't be easily seen simply with our eyes. It is usually seen better if you have a feeling of gratitude for everything in your life. It's as simple as the feeling of being appreciative for being able to enjoy a sunny day or the relaxation of a rainy day. Faith wants to help people enjoy all that life has to offer.”

I asked Andy to elaborate about his books, “I have written 12 books on the subjects of personal finance, entrepreneurship and how to become a lifestyle entrepreneur. In addition to my superfruit business, I also have a lifestyle style coaching business called Five Day Weekend System This is a complete step-by-step system to first create the lifestyle you want for you and your family and then create the income to support that lifestyle, no matter what that lifestyle is.”

He closed offering advice for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, “Bringing an idea to market is both exhilarating and draining. It's draining due to the fact of all of the personal energy, faith and effort put into something without knowing the payback for the outlay. However, you'll always remember your first sale of the product you created; it a very special moment. It's proof your creative mind, not competitive mind, has created something that enhances another individual's enjoyment of life. The advice I would suggest is to keep an exact list of expenses and always know how much you have placed into a product. This way you'll know how many units you need to sell to get a return on your efforts.”

You can interface with Andy through his companies’ websites and/or call the phone number below.

“My super fruit company is Also, to learn more about my lifestyle coaching system and for a personal one-on-consult with me, please contact Ada at 231-676-0453.”

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