Friday, October 31, 2014

Be your own hero, continued...

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I love how Elizabeth Gilbert recognizes the empowerment that comes from the journey of healing or what she calls, “The Hero’s Journey”.

It is triumphant and beautiful how a person can pick him or herself up from the ashes of tragedy, changed from the hardship, and engage the world in a forced rebirth. Or, as Elizabeth calls it, “Turn suffering into grace”.

Or, if you just dwell in the trauma without taking the bridge to healing you waste away in the pain; it kills you. Elizabeth calls this “wasted pain”. I have died many deaths in this lifetime. During each hardship, I couldn’t even imagine life after whatever the loss was in the depths of my suffering. But, the truth is, I did answer life’s call and I continue to; I’m my own hero.

And, the magic in all of this is that when I discovered I could save myself, all of the pieces started falling into place.  I’ve realized we have to step up and play the hero role time and time again. Why, because I am worth it and you are worth it too.

If you’re stuck, break through the barrier of change; live to transform.

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