Sunday, October 5, 2014

Acting as if, continued...

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I’ve started my practicum in my Mental Health Counseling Master’s program and in my Practicum class we are exploring techniques to add to our counseling career toolbox so to speak.

I’ve recently shared positive reinforcement with you and in today’s article I have presented “acting as if.”

Some might think this is a bit fake but, as I shared in the article, by focusing on what if feels like and looks like to have this new positive behavior incorporated in your life, you are actually changing your energy and shifting to manifest the actual change. It comes down to the power of thought, and, because thought evokes emotion and feeling, your life begins to be uplifted by incorporating the “acting as if” technique.

If you’ve had a mentor that you’ve looked up to at some point in your life, then it is likely you have simulated this behavior in the past. You might have thought, what would my mentor have done in this situation and, through this line of thought you’ve stepped outside of your comfort zone to emulate the behavior of this person. 

I remember a story that Oprah shared when she first interviewed for a news position at the start of her career. She idolized Barbara Walters and as she sat in front of the teleprompter to read the type and answer the questions, she took on the stance of Barbara Walters. Eventually, Oprah shaped her own style out of her career (and this has been life changing) but, initially, it was her approach from Barbara that helped get her the job.

Pretty interesting, huh?

Leave me a comment and let’s discuss “acting as if.”

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