Sunday, October 19, 2014

Accepting constructive criticism, continued...

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We criticize, either positively or negatively, as we interface in our everyday lives; with our children, with our partners, with those whom we hang with, as mentors etc.

But, how we choose our words, whether they are emotionally charged, and our intentions, all contribute to how this criticism is delivered and received.

I used to hate my annual evaluations at work but I was a big enough person to accept the negative feedback that was accurate and then I would set out to make a valiant effort to improve such noted faults. For the most part, I have been lucky in not having inappropriate evaluations; most of my supervisors (not all) have been decent.  And, as far as the bad ones go, those who have given me feedback that was coming from a place of bad intention, karma will or has already taken care of them. Perhaps, if you are reading this, you know who you are and my hope for you is that you put any jealous feelings aside and take the time to work on yourself; it is truly needed!

I really do not have the time or the energy to engage in negative feedback that is inappropriate. If you are confident about yourself (as I am), you can weed through this type of feedback and, if you think of it like a garden, just throw this stuff out and do not let it taint your nourishment process.

I think we’ve all worked for a supervisor or have had a negative person in our life who has tried to continuously downgrade; today, I look at this situation as an opportunity for me to practice controlling my response (what I choose to engage in or not). In my years of business, there have been many times that I have not energized negative environment clicks and, when I have done this, the threat has went to the wayside.

It really all does come back to intention. If you stay focused, curious and passionate, you are on the right track and any type of distractions when you do not energize it, will go away. Accept constructive feedback for what it is, an opportunity to improve and ignore anything else!

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