Monday, October 27, 2014

A mandala, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC drawing

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I was introduced to the mandala in my Expressive Art Therapy Trauma classes when I was in a program obtaining my Professional Certificate 1. The mandala creation exercise can be as basic or complex as you wish; much depends on how much time and focus you are willing to devote. I included a video in the article of a sand mandala created by monks; it is extremely impressive. If you search Google Images for the word mandala, you’ll find some breath-taking creations. I also looked at many YouTube videos that offer a “fast forward” view of people capturing their creation process. You can learn many tricks and/or shortcuts to utilize if you are going to create your own.

In all of the cultures I read about, the mandala represents some aspect of spirituality. If you follow my column you know that I believe creation in any form is spiritual but it is amazing to me to read about all of the cultures that acknowledge the spiritual power of a mandala.

If you do create your own, I would love to see your creation. My first was quite simple (shown above) although, I have stepped my complexity up since then; regardless, it’s worthwhile to try if you haven’t drawn one yet.

Keep me posted on your progress, I’m curious how it’s going.  

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