Sunday, September 21, 2014

We are not our circumstances, continued...

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Life tragedy is horrific. It is not something anyone plans. If we are somewhat healthy, we move through life trying to get ahead and making the most of our circumstances. Suddenly, from nowhere it seems like hardship scurries into our path. It is not welcomed nor is it deserved but for whatever reason, it locks its hold on us.

I have found that the only way to break free of hardship is by breathing oxygen into it and by changing my perspective of it. It is really hard to say, “Okay, I see you are here, but I am not going to let you stay! I realize my world is now different because of this loss but I will persevere.”

I then have to see the world for whatever it truly is, in my example about the loss of my father, I had to grieve a world without his physical presence because, until I was able to accept this, I was stuck within this loss.

It feels unfair and it really does suck, but once you can let go of your old worldview and start reconstructing a new one, you are harnessing your resilient spirit. Hardship does offer growth; it breaks you down but then it enables you a rebirth and the person who rises from the ashes is much stronger than the one you once were.

If you are suffering hardship today, I am praying for you; may you find your resilient spirit and persevere!

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