Monday, September 15, 2014

Triumphant survivor, continued...

Photo of Traci Hoffman provided by Traci.

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Traci Hoffman continued the interview.

She discussed her belief in God.

“Belief in a higher power is part of my life. I try to pray everyday and thank the heavenly Father for all the gifts he has provided me. This impacts a large part of my life because I choose to include my children in the learning that I also partake in. I believe we are all here to learn and this learning is an essential part of daily life. You cannot say that each day you have not learned, heard or seen something new if you are open to it.”

Her advice for others suffering, “This may be cliché but you must start by really looking inside yourself. Ask yourself, ‘What makes me happy?’ and, ‘Do I feel like I have done my best?’ also, 'If I left the world today would I feel accomplished, happy and content?'”

Based on these very purposeful questions, it is apparent Traci has learned, from her hardship, the importance of living a mindful life. From the many testimonies I have shared in this column so far, I am sure that when we are open to our lessons, hardship teaches of the vulnerability of life and through this vulnerability we gain an appreciation for even the most mundane things; everything and every moment has meaning and value to it.

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