Monday, September 1, 2014

Processing anger, continued...

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If I have a friend or loved one in this miserable, unhappy mode, because I am a pretty direct person, I might offer a supportive, “Help me understand what is bothering you,“ comment. It is good to encourage conversation. Ultimately, if the person suffering is unable to face this pain, it is important to encourage him or her to seek counseling otherwise this toxic energy will destroy their physical health.

It is amazing to me how therapeutic talking can be. If you know someone who isn’t good about sharing their feelings, they can be channeled through other methods such as art therapy. Just by drawing a simple picture, with the help of a therapist, much can be said through this silent voice.

As the article says, “unexpressed anger comes out as either isolation, withdrawal, criticism or blame.”

This doesn’t sound healthy does it? Why would anyone live his or her life this way? Because, it takes courage to face anger, and, it isn’t easy but I believe you can do it!

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