Sunday, September 28, 2014

Make silence your friend, continued...

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I was watching a SuperSoul Sunday with Oprah when the words, “Are you lonely when you’re alone” were asked. Oprah said she really appreciates alone time and that she does not actually consider herself to be social. I can truly relate to her response; I feel exactly the same way. I do love to connect with others but I really like alone time too. It is during the quiet moments in my life when I feel like I can work on myself. Our lives are works in progress and so, in the moments of calm, we must really embrace ourselves to better understand what we’ve been through, what is currently happening and what we can do to shape ourselves positively as we find our way to our soul work.  

I’m not really a lonely person but I don’t consider myself a loner either. I’ve always had good friends in my life and I’m open to new friendships; I especially like it when I feel a connection with a new person. I think as our circle in the physical expands, it reflects soul connections that overlap lifetimes before the physical. Perhaps it is angels that keep our circles together, I’m not sure but it is pretty awesome.

I’m also think we can lean on the strength of the angels around us during our quiet time; this space is very special, it’s celestial. It is important to realize this and to utilize and honor it as such.

What are your thoughts about alone time, do you value it?

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