Saturday, September 27, 2014

Life Subtleties, continued...

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I am someone who works hard to get things done but as I age I am realizing that the downtime is more important than the uptime. When I slow down and feel my moment, I gain so much more my life. Whether I’m doing something tedious, suffering turmoil, or experiencing serenity, I am able to find the light that exists within.

Before I grew up I thought that during the times of sorrow I was being punished and God had stepped aside. But, I’ve learned that God is more present in these sad moments than in the brighter ones because this is when we need him most. Although, if we’re not fully present we are not looking for the light, we’re fumbling within our emotions stuck in guilt from a past wrong or fear of a future failure.

I am finding that the more I center my world with my heart and navigate with my intuition, my perception is keen and grounded in the present moment.

How do you stay grounded in the present? Or, does it really matter to you whether you are or not?

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