Thursday, September 4, 2014

Life pace, continued...

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The article Life Pace was inspired by Day 21 of the latest Oprah & Deepak called Radiating Wholeness. As I meditated on this topic and listened to the dialogue they shared it made me think about all that we do in our lives today. We are master multi-taskers and without this skill, where would we be? I often wonder if I’d be more stressed if I did one thing at a time or if my life would sacrifice from this dumbing down process”. It sounds harsh when I word it this way but I feel like productivity is really important to me but the reality is if I slowed down, I think the pressure would lessen in proportion.

This concept to me is really a work in progress. I love slowing down when I’m being creative but I strategically fit this type of activity into little slots in my life, it will take me some time and practice before I’m able to step out of bed embracing this mindset 24/7.

What are your thoughts about living life at a slower pace? Is it doable for you or can you relate to me and you feel it’s equally as difficult?    

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