Saturday, September 13, 2014

From a place of love, continued...

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Actually I wasn’t familiar with the word “altruism” until I stumbled on it during my reading in my practicum class, I had to actually look it up. To give selflessly is not something I experienced until I became a mother (during my twenties) and suddenly, I got it. Actually I think I was quite selfish until I became a parent.

While I was mourning the failure of my marriage I started volunteering at a local nonprofit. It has now been 8 years I have been volunteering for this domestic violence and sexual assault shelter and this “giving” has gifted back to me in many ways. The energy seemed to breath life and color back into my world. It has shaped me as a person. It sparked a passion in me that I wasn’t sure I even held. As my world evolved it opened a path for me to go back to school and recreate myself in a helping profession as a Mental Health counselor.  I’m not sure this would have come forward had I not stretched out extending my hands to help strengthen my community and as a result I have been strengthened. I could have never imagined the positive impact this has had on me.

Does your world need improvement? If so, discover the energy that incases altruism. Give from the heart because when you do your heart will grow 10 fold. It is a loop of karma that feels better than just about anything I can think of; give it a shot and then let me know how it has positively impact you.

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