Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumnal equinox and balance, continued...

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If you’re like me, your body has already layered in preparation for the cold weather.  Okay, perhaps all of the junk food I ate led this layering process but as I state in the article, I can’t think of a better date to start my initiative for balance than the Fall Equinox. I am marking my calendar to start an improved self-care initiative in my life; more sleep supportive of a healthier routine.

I actually love the fall weather. I wish we could stop the calendar in the beautiful and crisp days of this season. I’m not a fan of the name but I sure do enjoy all that it entails. I like the thought of the harvest that comes with the season. According to Microsoft’s dictionary, it is defined as “season in which crops are gathered.” If we look at this philosophically, Fall offers a time to both reflect and gather our strengths. As I say in the article, “the abundance in our lives.” Take inventory of your crops for this appreciation will create more of the same.

Even on my worst day, I feel blessed. The drama may temporarily layer on top of the feelings of bliss but I am wealthy in love, health, creativity and passion.

Who could want more? These intrinsic blessings are priceless, a plentiful crop. Really, does anything else really matter?

What is your harvest this season? Leave me a note; I am sincerely interested.

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