Monday, August 18, 2014

Unwelcomed but invited? continued...

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Hopefully the way I wrote this article made sense to you and didn’t come across confusing. I talked about making sure you’re aligning your mind, body and spirit to your intention in order to manifest a healthy live otherwise your sending mixed signals and, when this happens, you’re going to get dramatic results surrounded by chaos instead of serenity. For example, we all know someone who says one thing but then contradicts these words with an action; I’m sure we’ve all done it ourselves in the past. For example, if someone complains about being unhappy in a relationship but continues to string his or her partner along, this isn’t helping anyone; it feeds the drama. If you’re unhappy, work on the relationship or, if you’ve given up, do the right thing and let the person know this so he or she can move on also.

When we are not facing our true feelings we’re setting ourselves up for failure. They get layered within and then they fester into toxins that cause bad health. When you feel bad and crabby and you’re not sure why, it is time to meditate on it and look within.

The article is really about energy and how to manifest and attract the right kind into your life. We all say we want to be happy but what are we really doing about it? It is time to set an intention, support and validate it with your mind, body and spirit. If someone is draining your energy, protect yourself and step out it. You control you and only you are responsible for the joy in your life!

Are you sending mixed messages or are you communicating in alignment? Let me know.

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