Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tapping into your flow, continued...

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Today I visited Zogreo Church in Monroe, Michigan where I witnessed a person who was genuinely in his flow; Bishop Robert Shackleford.

This gentleman preached from his heart. His sermon was so full of energy, it felt like he raised the roof off of the church. Although he tried to be aware of the time, I think he could lose himself praising the name of the Lord; I can’t think of a better thing to lose yourself in, can you?

I could feel his passion and I like what he conveyed.

When he is in his flow he not only lifts his spirit but he lifts the spirit of others. As he embraces his gift from God, he is helping the world to become a better place. It’s pretty cool.

I think anytime you tap into your flow you are making the world a better place. Why? Because your flow enables your best self to surface and if you’re at your best, you are going to interface in a healthy way with others. It creates a pass it forward type karma.

So, if you’re feeling overly stressed all you need to do is tap into your flow. Give it a shot and then let me know what activity enables you to do this. I’m curious.

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