Monday, August 4, 2014

Looking towards the horizon, career conquest, continued...

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Between my fiancĂ© and I, we have 4 young adults between the ages of 17 and 20 years of age. The 2 oldest have been experimenting with community college trying to establish routines that embrace the responsibility of a school workload on top of jobs while attempting to cope through the pressure of determining what career path they really want to embrace. One has changed his degree plan in the past year and the other has focused on getting basic classes fulfilled in a general science degree while he figures out the rest. It seems a bit loose, in general, but when I think back to my dedication at this young age, I was more focused on full-time work without even attempting school. I didn’t go to college for my first degree until after working a couple of years following my high school graduation. Although, I had chosen my career path, in business, during these years I was putting in many hours at the office.

We’ll be taking my 18-year-old son up to Michigan Tech University in three weeks. He’ll be staying on campus; the school is over 11 hours from our home. He is passionate about computers and so he is pursuing a degree in computer engineering. I think this is a good path for him and I’m hopeful he’ll step up to the workload and have some fun along the way.

We have 1 last teenager in high school and, at this point, we’re just happy to get her to graduation. She is creative and into drama/theater with her intention set on Eastern Michigan University. She will need to work hard to get the grades to be accepted but, if not, she’ll have to adjust her plan and persevere.

As for me, if you follow my blog you know I’m in the midst of changing careers, going from business management to entering the counseling field. I’ll have my Master’s Degree at this time next year. Even though I’ve changed careers, my business and leadership experience will only enhance my work in counseling! As I said in the article, if you follow your passion, you’re not making a career choice mistake. As I get further into the field of counseling, I will eventually open my own business and, at this time, all of my experience and schooling will be working together to help me achieve my calling and career success. It is rather exciting when I thing about it!

What are you passionate about? Does your work enhance this passion?

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