Friday, August 15, 2014

Living your truth, continued...

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Oprah inspired the article, Living Your Truth, along with Deepak's insight from their latest 21-Day Meditation series, Finding your flow. I listened to the first 3 days and, so far, I am happy to be able to participate. 

I love the analogy of the garden that I use in the article. I plant a garden most every summer and most years I get a lot of vegetables from it. The year my dad died, my heart and soul wasn't really into the work that it takes to get a wealthy abundance from it. It was practically barren that year even though I took the time to plant.

Why, because I didn't work the soil enough or go out there and pull the weeds often or as needed. I mostly depended on Mother Nature to water it and this wasn't enough. At this time, my heart was hurting or as I said in the article, my light was dull. My spirit didn't seem to be present in my life. Living in the moment hurt too much. It took time for me to gather my courage and face this pain but once I was able to do this or weed my garden, so to speak, I started to see growth again.

Life can be daunting when we are not pushing back and focusing on the the good stuff. We all have to remember it comes down to a choice of what we want to pay attention to; when we fuel negativity it gets bigger, when we fuel positivity it grows. 

Which are your fueling? Is it making your light brighter or dowsing it? Leave me a note an let's talk about it.

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