Friday, August 8, 2014

Express don't suppress

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I just completed a class on adolescent prevention and intervention. It amazes me how teens today are dealing with the overwhelming stimulation for 24/7 technology and social impact. Think about being in a body that is adult size, surging with hormones, but having a mind that isn’t emotionally mature enough to fully navigate the world yet. Sounds pretty crazy to me. How do they cope? 

Though self-expression (like continually changing their hair style), through connection with others in their social network and even by combating life through self-centeredness. Yes, this is the teens way of defending his or herself from a world that may feel like it is evading.

The teen years can be volatile but giving them a safe and loving environment, sticking to a consistent and ethical message, and by staying involved (whether he or she likes it or not), you can help your young adult find his or her way through the difficulties.

If you're beginning this adventure, be courageous, and you both will persevere!

Do you have teenagers in your life? How are they coping? How are you managing in the sidelines? Drop me a note and let's talk!

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