Sunday, August 3, 2014

Criticize or compliment, continued...

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When I was younger I used to talk crap about and to others and I could have really cared less about myself. It was a time when I tried to fulfill from the outside in; this didn’t work. It is no wonder why I had so much drama in my life! I have learned a great deal about myself and about real support. I find the realization that the opposite of criticize is compliment, and this is pretty cool. As the article points out, I like how they both give back; it’s just a matter of picking good verses evil.

Today in my forties, I work hard to not to criticize, although, I do find myself comparing more than criticizing these days. Do you think this is more of a woman thing or a Kathy thing? I might say, “I wish I had that woman’s waistline!” And, if it is someone flaunting an unflattering body, I’ll say, “I admire that person’s confidence!”

I really do want to boost the spirit of the world, not bring it down. I’m leading the compliment parade. Which line are you in?

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