Monday, August 25, 2014

Courageous people, continued...

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I was introduced to the work of Brene Brown through Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and Life Class series. Brene’s work is amazing. Click here if you’re interested inwatching the Youtube video I discussed in the article.
Do you feel courageous? I believe I am a courageous person although I do feel a lot of fear in my life. Like Mark Twain, I too believe “courage is the resilience to fear…”. I find I have to push myself often during my day-to-day endeavors. I try not to let fear keep me from experiencing something of value to my purpose in my life. One of my biggest fears is probably the fear of failure. This is why I work so diligently towards my goals; if I were to find a silver lining, this fear actually motivates me! This is an area that I need to work on but, I know this for sure, I continually push through my anxiety and I try to channel it into creative paths. This helps me a lot. I am learning that I can only give my best and I can’t control all circumstances so I have to surrender to these aspects in order to find balance. Sometimes my best isn’t good enough and as long as I’ve tried whole-heartily, I must let go. I do not want to be something I’m not so if this is the case I’m learning to write it off as, “It wasn’t meant to be for me or it’s not my time”.

Can you share some thoughts about vulnerability, fear and/or courage? I’m curious.

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