Saturday, August 30, 2014

how the universe works, continued...

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This past week we moved my son up to his dorm at Michigan Tech about 12 hours from us. He is my youngest son. My oldest had moved out last year but he stayed local so I was able to see him often. I’m proud of my boys but I’m also worried about them. I’m sure this is a parent thing. I pray every night they are safe and make healthy choices. With the move Up North, I couldn’t help slipping into the past when they were just little boys, so precious and innocent; I kept such a close eye on them. It seemed much easier back then. But, now I’m learning how to let go of their hand and step back so they can grow and find their independence.

While talking to my oldest son this week, he mentioned the information I used in the article about the images in the sky. With a little research I was able to verify how we are actually viewing the past we we look up to distant stars. It is pretty remarkable!

What are your thoughts about taking a trip into the past? Do you do it often? When you do what do you think about? Leave me a comment and let’s talk about it!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Certainty of hope, continued...

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Because we are human, we have all experienced hopeless moments during times of hardship. But as these moments turn into minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years, this darkness or depression takes over our lives. Hope is the medicine that lights this darkness. Hope energized with certainty is a celestial lifeline that starts from within. Yes, you have the power to save yourself.

When I looked up hope, I was surprised to find the Google meaning, (2nd in the listing) to be, “a feeling of trust.” Honestly, when I was younger I used to think of hope more as wishful thinking but as I have grown I realize that it is much more. The trust I talk about in the article is more of a universal trust, tapping into the greater whole.

When we navigate with our intuition it takes hope to a whole new level. What helps you to stay hopeful? I think the most important thing to know is the realization that hope is vital to living. If you or anyone you know has lost hope, please reach out for help or support your loved one by helping them to do the same. Living without hope can be a toxic place depending on how long you reside there. It isn’t worth the risk; life is too precious to waste!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Courageous people, continued...

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I was introduced to the work of Brene Brown through Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and Life Class series. Brene’s work is amazing. Click here if you’re interested inwatching the Youtube video I discussed in the article.
Do you feel courageous? I believe I am a courageous person although I do feel a lot of fear in my life. Like Mark Twain, I too believe “courage is the resilience to fear…”. I find I have to push myself often during my day-to-day endeavors. I try not to let fear keep me from experiencing something of value to my purpose in my life. One of my biggest fears is probably the fear of failure. This is why I work so diligently towards my goals; if I were to find a silver lining, this fear actually motivates me! This is an area that I need to work on but, I know this for sure, I continually push through my anxiety and I try to channel it into creative paths. This helps me a lot. I am learning that I can only give my best and I can’t control all circumstances so I have to surrender to these aspects in order to find balance. Sometimes my best isn’t good enough and as long as I’ve tried whole-heartily, I must let go. I do not want to be something I’m not so if this is the case I’m learning to write it off as, “It wasn’t meant to be for me or it’s not my time”.

Can you share some thoughts about vulnerability, fear and/or courage? I’m curious.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Be persistent, continued...

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Persistence is a great quality to have as far as I’m concerned. I wouldn’t feel like I’ve accomplished what I have so far in my life had I not had my persevering spirit. For me it seemed like being persistent was easier when I was a young adult. Yes, I had a lot of pride and emotion to work through when I faced rejection but, at that time, my energy and motivation to move forward was greater than anything else so I did what I had to do.

Today, I’m a bit slower and this pace allows me to really absorb what is going on, I care more about quality than quantity. I am more on a path of enlightenment and this overrides my need to get to the destination as quickly as possible. Because of this when I get turned down for something, I sometimes wonder is this a sign from above? I then have to figure out if this is a sign and if I need to revamp my plan or is it just a stumbling block I must overcome in order to persevere. My intuition is key to solving this dilemma.

Something I love about my article is the words, “in spite of” that are part of the Google definition for persistence. I know that, as I grow older, I can appreciate the power of saying, “In spite of it all I have…” (you fill in the blank).

For me, I try not to let my pride get in my way. I loved my dad whole-heartily but I never understood how sometimes his pride seemed to get in his way; it hurt him at times when he could have gotten needed help.

If we stay sincere in our efforts and we’re persistent and passionate, I think we’ve got the making of great success. What are your thoughts?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Unwelcomed but invited? continued...

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Hopefully the way I wrote this article made sense to you and didn’t come across confusing. I talked about making sure you’re aligning your mind, body and spirit to your intention in order to manifest a healthy live otherwise your sending mixed signals and, when this happens, you’re going to get dramatic results surrounded by chaos instead of serenity. For example, we all know someone who says one thing but then contradicts these words with an action; I’m sure we’ve all done it ourselves in the past. For example, if someone complains about being unhappy in a relationship but continues to string his or her partner along, this isn’t helping anyone; it feeds the drama. If you’re unhappy, work on the relationship or, if you’ve given up, do the right thing and let the person know this so he or she can move on also.

When we are not facing our true feelings we’re setting ourselves up for failure. They get layered within and then they fester into toxins that cause bad health. When you feel bad and crabby and you’re not sure why, it is time to meditate on it and look within.

The article is really about energy and how to manifest and attract the right kind into your life. We all say we want to be happy but what are we really doing about it? It is time to set an intention, support and validate it with your mind, body and spirit. If someone is draining your energy, protect yourself and step out it. You control you and only you are responsible for the joy in your life!

Are you sending mixed messages or are you communicating in alignment? Let me know.