Saturday, July 26, 2014

Positive thoughts shape you, continued...

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Todays article was inspired by Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday’s interview with spiritual speaker, Russell Simmons. They discussed his success and how much he attributes this to his spiritual endeavors. Russell devotes much of his time to meditation and yoga. In his work he creates music as an offering to world. He feels once you find your own bliss within, you do not see the world as a void but as a vast place for your offering to manifest.

He spoke of happiness coming from inside out instead of the outside in; once you realize this, you’ll define and find your own success apart from the world’s view.

I have let meditation slip off of my priority list; I’ll be putting it on the top again in order to calm my world. As Russell has realized, this place that can be reached once we still ourselves is pure and serene. It is a little piece of heaven that exists within each of us. Why wouldn’t we want to visit this realm as often as possible?

Do you meditate? Have you ever tried it? It will help cleanse your thoughts; it soothes and aligns you with your natural rhythm.

Have you had any self-discoveries while in this mode? If so, share them with me.


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